Hi. I'm your midwife, Lena.

Midwifery opened my eyes to the healing that takes place as we go through the rite of passage that is birth. Welcoming my daughter and losing my mother in the same year underlined the need for a broader definition of the role of midwife. If we view each major shift in our lives as a opportunity to rebirth who we are, then we can see the need for a midwife to guide us through. 

Over a decade spent sitting in birth rooms, walking with women in the sacred space of childbirth, underscored the importance of creating meaningful, healing transitions. To celebrate the magic of spirit transforming.  To hear the call of our inner mother to guide us.

My joy has always been women. Strong women and those who have yet to realize their strength. Together we can find a path through.


"I had a general idea of what to expect in labor thanks to the stories I’d heard and the stuff I’d read online, but I still didn’t know quite of how to prepare for MY labor. Thanks to Motherled not only was I given the most in-depth information about what to expect during labor, but also how to prepare for the expected and unexpected. Other birthing classes give you the basics but this online course covers way more! Helpful exercises, breathing techniques, postpartum care, and avoiding coerced consent by being empowered with knowledge on every possible procedure and how to voice my wishes. When the day finally came to give birth, I felt so confident and empowered that I was able to focus completely on being in the moment with my husband. I couldn’t recommend this course enough.”

- Kayla